Fri, Nov 19 | The Green River Inn

Awaken Your Psychic Consciousness

Messages from Heaven (tm) Gallery Readings with Rebecca Anne LoCicero. Learn how to awaken your Intuition. Meditations to guide you on your journey & Human Design class to clarify your purpose and unique intuition tools.
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Awaken Your Psychic Consciousness

Time & Location

Nov 19, 4:00 PM – Nov 21, 1:00 PM
The Green River Inn, 3402 Sandgate Rd, Sandgate, VT 05250, USA

About the Event

Rebecca will be teaching and guiding you through Awakening your Intuition, the beginning steps to acknowledging your gifts and abilities.  Learn that it is possible to sense and understand your psychic impressions. In addition, Rebecca will be sharing with you Messages from Heaven (tm) as she brings though to each of you a connection to your loved ones through afterlife communication.

When you develop or get in touch with your psychic senses you build self-esteem and self-awareness.  You learn to recognize a gut feeling. You become more confident.

Join Brenda Stoeke and Rebecca Anne LoCicero for a magical weekend to develop what you already posses: the ability to know what you know.  Rebecca believes and teaches both paths of awareness that everyone has the ability to understand psychic impressions in addition that each of us has the ability to connect with the Spirit World and brings her passion to teach along with her compassion to share.

Brenda will help you understand your Human Design Chart. This unique chart combines astrology, i-ching, quantum machanics, Hindu chakra system and Kabbalah.  This gives you a  map to your own unique intuition and how you are uniquely suited to understand that intuition.   The Human Design also spells out your purpose in life, how you make decisions and what are the driving energies that you need to project out into the world as the authentic you.

Brenda and Rebecca have been spiritually connected for many years and together will facilitate and curate this amazing weekend just for you.

Is this retreat for you?  Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you always had a sense of your intuition and want a conscious relationship with it?
  • Have you lost someone close and want to reconnect?
  • Do you feel like you get hunches but are not clear on how to trust it?
  • Do you want to feel empowered and sovereign in your energy?
  • Do you want to have fun with spirituality?
  • Why do you want to develop your psychic senses?

Retreat Schedule:


1  - 3 :00 - 4:00 pm Arrival

3 - 5:00 pm  Awaken Your Intuition

6 - 7:00 pm Dinner

7:30 - 9:00 Gallery Readings


8:30 - 9:30 am - Breakfast

10 -12:30 pm Human Design Class

1 - 2:00 pm lunch

3 - 5:00 pm Awaken Your Intuition Q & A

6 - 7:00 pm Dinner

7:30 - 9:00 Bonfire & Drumming circle


8-10am Meditation/intuition games

10:30-11:30am Brunch

11:30-1pm Departure Prep

1pm Closing Circle


$1,111 Single Room (king/queen bed)

$777 per person for a Double Room (bring a friend or be assigned a roomate)

What's Included:

  • Room (private or shared) with en suite bath
  • All food
  • Journal, Gallery Readings, Human Design Chart, Meditation and Workshops

What's not included:

  • adult beverages
  • travel to/from Sandgate, VT

Rebecca's BIO:

Rebecca Anne LoCicero Certified Medium, Psychic Intuitive, Energy Healer 26 Years! of Experience Giving Messages from Heaven™ to Clients!

Rebecca Anne was recently featured in "Surviving Death", a Netflix original documentary.

"Messages from Heaven" ™ is her trademark presentation involving direct, divine and accurate "readings" for the people from their loved ones who have died. Rebecca Anne has an exclusive and unique way to present validating messages. She is bold, brassy, honest, loud, outgoing, accurate, hysterically funny and full of joy!  She has proudly been presenting Messages from Heaven ™ at, her office space, on Thursday nights for over 14 years as well as in almost all 50 states through retreats, conferences, local businesses and clients gathering.  Sharing the ability to communicate and learn from spirit.  She entertains you and touches your heart as she talks about her connections "here and there" and the passageways in-between.

Rebecca Anne is the Proprietor of The Beyond Center in Vernon, CT, her home base and private office. This is where she hosts private sessions, teaches classes and holds smaller presentations.  Each year The Beyond Center and Rebecca Anne produce CT’s Largest Psychic & Beyond Expos!  2019 was her 8th successful year with 80+ vendors and over 2000 attendees, more information about the expo here: Facebook

In addition to her mediumship she is an expert in Psychic Intuition! Through her divine natural intuition Rebecca Anne can connect to your energy and present psychic information to you in easy to understand ways.  With real world information to help guide you through the paths set around you, bring clarity to the paths you have in your past and shine bright light upon the future that is being presented to you.  All this with an understanding that you have free will to take these psychic readings and allow the information to guide you.  As an expert in Tarot, alongside automatic writing, you will be filled with validating information!

“acceptance through acknowledgement will lead you to enlightenment”

Rebecca Anne often refers to herself as a "one of a kind" as you never know which outrageous words or references she will bluntly convey to her audiences. Clients easily associate to the way she shares the information with honesty to what she is receiving in real world expressions.

Currently her presentations are being held in a variety of locations including national comedy clubs such as "The Funny Bone" & ‘City Steam’, holistic centers, lecture halls, and expositions as a headliner presenter and more. She can be heard throughout Connecticut on mainstream radio monthly as the guest psychic on 93.9 Northampton MA, WRSI. She has appeared on "Better Connecticut" and numerous other local access channel shows.   Her reach goes beyond that, as she is a three- time published author as a contributor to a collaboration in 'Adventures in Manifesting: Success and Spirituality', as the illustrator in 'I AM THE BEYOND' and as the author of 'Living with Messages from Heaven: A Guide to Conversations with the Beyond'

Rebecca Anne prides herself in participation in scientific research through established organizations that have a focus on helping society in a positive way using her expertise. She is proud to volunteer as a tested & certified medium through the for the last 11 years.  The FFF has tested and certified the evidential mediumship through scientific scales which allows Rebecca Anne to work side by side with many special gifted people as well as motivational speakers and healers through the non-profit organization. She is also an Advisory Board Member on the Spirit Alliance for COPE presented by Yale Mental Health Department.  This organization is currently studying the connections between seeing and hearing voices.  Check out the study details

"There is nothing better than sharing the connections to the beyond with their loved ones here, I feel together, we Rock the Spirit World"

Brenda's BIO:

Brenda Stoeke is a Magical Moments Facilitator.  She is a revolutionary catalyst that transforms the way you think about yourself, abundance, and illness. She uses her Masters in Spiritual Psychology, The Emotion Code Practitioner Certification, and her Quantum Human Design Specialist Certification to create a revolutionary shift in your mind, body, and connection to spirit.  This process removes all forms of struggle whether it is physical, mental, or emotionally based suffering.

Brenda transforms what isn’t working into a manageable process of change.  She creates clarity to recover from physical issues, provides avenues of self-value to change your relationships and financial picture.  Plus you gain clarity of what your purpose is by design.  She is designed to change your life for the better.

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