Workshare & Workcation 

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You heard us right, Workcation. We love that this is now a thing and are really leaning into it. And, we think you’re going to love it too. We’re embracing the era of work anywhere/anytime and offering you the space and time to deeply immerse yourself in your work and wellness from one peaceful and full-service spot. If you’re seeking respite from your daily grind, we invite you to change up your 9-5 and stay with us for just one night or four where you’ll enjoy cozy accommodations equipped with all you need for work and rest, on-site meals, yoga and meditation, holistic wellness workshops, and spa access. Your work will thank you. Your wellness will thank us. And, we promise you’ll leave with work accomplished and wellness restored

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Work. Inspired.

We know how hard you work. We also know that getting away, setting intentions, and being with like-minded humans has a powerful impact on our health, wellness, and life. But what we really know is that getting away just isn’t always possible. We have deadlines to meet, projects to finish, outcomes to deliver and truly stepping away from it all isn’t actually always what’s best for our wellness. Sometimes, what we actually need is to work differently, dive deeper - be inspired. At enLiven at The Green River Inn, we’re delighted to give you the opportunity to do just that. Combining our expertise in and experience with holistic wellness practices and the quiet beauty of our Vermont based inn, we invite you to join us for a work/life balance reset like you’ve never experienced before.

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